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GreenWave Solutions helps support Breast Cancer

On Wednesday July 19th 2013, Rob Sturgis, our Operations Manager took part in a great cause to help support the Breast Cancer Survivors’ Network, Inc.  Rob and a few other friends of GreenWave Solutions played in the North Fulton Charity Golf Tournament with all the proceeds going to Breast Cancer.  We are very happy to be part of such a great event and loved seeing over 150 golfers supporting something that can or has touched all of us at one point.  At GreenWave Solutions we love giving back to Atlanta and helping out with wonderful charities.

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How Colors Affect Moods and Feelings

Color is powerful.

It is so simple, yet so abstract.  Scientifically, color is a reflection of light.  White is all colors and black is the absence of color.  If we were in school, we could talk about Isaac Newton and physics and color and all go to sleep.  We not in school so we are going to have a fun informal discussion about color and how it affects moods and human behavior.

Marketers and advertisers have studied how color affects human behavior for decades.  Although their objective is to learn how to more effectively sell products, their data offers insights into other facets of business.

One of these businesses is painting and architectural color design.  As a professional color consultant, I am well versed in how colors affects human moods and behaviors.  When I help clients during color consultations, one factor I consider is the spaces’ use.  If you are doing a child’s bedroom, you don’t want to use a color that is going to evoke too much excitement that may cause the kid to be crazy or anxious.

Although, much of color psychology is theoretical and subjective, I believe that it is real.  Here is a list of what colors may represent or which feelings they may evoke:

  • Green:  Life, nature, health, fertility, and safety.  Green encourage learning, comfort, relaxation and well being.
  • Yellow:  It is the easiest color for the human eye to see.  Uplifting, optimistic, cheerful.  Yellow encourages creativity and intellectual energy.  It symbolizes wisdom and happiness.  It’s sunny!
  • Red:  Passion, aggressiveness, strength, ambition, and vitality.  Red is a powerful color.  You have to be careful with reds because we may associate them with anger.  Too much or the wrong red can cause irritation, anger, or aggression.
  • Orange:  Joy, energy, exuberance.  It is uplifting and can increase appetite.
  • Pink:  Innocence, femininity, softness, warmth.  Pink represents nurturing and sensitivity.  It’s not just for girls.
  • Blue:  Calming and relaxing.  Depending on their shade, blues can foster creativity, comfort, clarity, relaxation, intuition and even memorization.
  • Purple:  This is an interesting one.  Purple can balance the mind and assuage irrational fears.  I don’t have personal experience with this, but I do like purple Polo shirts!
  • Black:  Serious, distinct, bold.  Black has different meanings based on culture.  Many western cultures associate black with death, however, some native American cultures associate black with life because fertile soil is black.
  • White:  Purity, truth, peace, cleanliness, comfort.
  • Gray:  Authority, practicality and independence.  It works well for controlling other colors.
  • Brown:  Naturalness, stability, comfort.  It’s earthy, dude!

The coolest thing about all these colors and how the affect our feelings is that by blending shades and combinations, you can make them do anything that you want!

It can be overwhelming, but don’t fret, there are color consultants who know this stuff and love helping.

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Atlanta Concrete Staining / Sealing

Concrete Acid Staining and Decorative Concrete Polishing

Have you ever walked into a high end salon or hip restaurant and looked at the floor and said, “Whoa, this floor is awesome!  I wonder how they did that”?  If so, then it was probably a reactive acid stain or polished concrete flooring system.

Concrete acid staining is rapidly becoming the craze for concrete flooring.  Typically, when I see trends hit the design scene this hard I know that they aren’t going to be fashionable for very long.  Concrete acid staining is different due to its classic elegance, versatility and unsurpassed durability.

Acid stains can create a variety of faux finishes similar to paint faux finishes.  In fact, because of concrete’s properties you have even more options than you do on walls.  The application techniques are very similar, however, you use different tools and mediums.

Like all floor coating systems, proper preparation is critical for quality product.  Amateurs and do-it-yourselfers will use a muriatic acid solution to etch the concrete prior to applying acid stains.  While, this method technically works, the results it renders are not up to par with GreenWave Solutions’ quality standards.

Muriatic acid, HCl, is residual in concrete.  Even after neutralizing it with a base, traces remain in the masonry substrate.  This residual acid will eventually cause your beautiful acid stain finish to get cloudy or hazy.

To avoid this problem, GreenWave Solutions uses commercial concrete grinders to prepare concrete floors for acid staining.  These diamond grinders are outfitted with interchangeable heads that each perform different jobs and vacuums to control dust.  So instead of using hydrochloric acid to prepare the floor, we use diamond grinder or shot blasters to rip off carpet, tile, adhesives or any other garbage that will prevent the floor from looking awesome.

Upon floor preparation, we apply the reactive acid stain and catalyzers to create whichever look our client chooses.  After the staining is finished and cured, we apply a clear coating that protects the finish and adds a polished look.  The clear coats have different sheens that go from a matte finish to a high gloss, depending upon which look is most appropriate for the area.

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GreenWave Solutions offers concrete acid staining in Atlanta, Alpharetta, Brookhaven, Buckhead, Chamblee, Cumming, Dunwoody, Doraville, Grant Park, Inman park, Marietta, Roswell, Sandy Springs, Milton, Johns Creek, Duluth and most other metro Atlanta areas.  Concrete acid staining and decorative concrete floor polishing is available for both residential and commercial clients.

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House Painting Contractors in Alpharetta GA

Summer is not officially here according to the equinox, but we’ve past Memorial Day and that means summer in Georgia.  This summer, GreenWave Solutions is going to offer exclusive Alpharetta house painting specials!

Alpharetta, one of Atlanta’s most affluent suburbs, has wide open spaces blanketed with subdivisions full of beautiful homes.  Many of these houses are between 10-20 years old and need the attention of GreenWave Solutions Alpharetta painters.

Exterior house painting is a simple and inexpensive way to preserve and maintain the beauty of your home.  It starts with a thorough pressure washing to remove dirt, debris and other surface contaminants.  After pressure washing, we will perform any carpentry and replace rotten wood or siding.  Then we prepare everything for painting.  This includes caulking gaps and joints, scraping peeling painting, priming bare areas, filling holes and patching imperfections.

Once the house is ready, it time to paint it.  GreenWave Solutions applies exterior coating using professional paint sprayers, just as the manufacturers recommend.  Spraying applies a thicker, smoother coating which translates to a longer lasting job for our clients.  Don’t be fooled by the “we do all work by hand” line.  It may sound good, but machines do better than humans when operated by a skilled professional.

Why do we use bulldozers to move dirt instead of using 300 guys with shovels?

At this point, we are almost done beautifying your home.  We perform quality inspection walk through with our client and project manager.  At this point, we fix any touch ups and tie up all loose ends.

Finally, we clean up and leave our job site how it was when we got there; except of course for the magnificent, freshly painted house.

This isn’t the only way to perform exterior painting in Alpharetta, but it is the way that GreenWave Solutions has a nearly perfect customer satisfaction record.

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