Atlanta Green Painting Contractor

The “Green” in GreenWave Solutions

Atlanta’s First “Green” Contractor

Atlanta’s first “green” concrete restoration contractor

LEED accredited Atlanta professionals making us recognized experts in green building practices

GreenWave Solutions takes its name from our commitment to ensuring that our Atlanta LED certified paints and Atlanta concrete materials are “green” – creating a “safe” space for you and your family, a less toxic environment and a more eco-friendly atmosphere. At GreenWave Solutions, we use Sherwin Williams’s paints, the leaders in developing environmentally friendly coatings.

What Are The Advantages Of The Green Paints We Use In Our Atlanta Painting Projects?

Offer greatest performance and long-term durability

Have the highest indoor air quality ratings for low VOC and low odor

Meet or exceed the GS-11 criteria for coatings used in LEED-certified buildings (LEED certification means that certain “green building” standards are met, such as energy efficiency and indoor environmental quality.)

The “Green” in Green Concrete Products

In addition to providing our Atlanta painting customers with green paints, we also offer green concrete products. These comply with the Green Seal 36 (GS-36) standards as defined by the USGBC about VOC emissions. Additionally, these green concrete materials are manufactured using post-consumer recycled materials.

What Are The Advantages Of The Green Concrete Products We Use In Our Atlanta Concrete Projects?

Green concrete products release fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs) during the curing process

Will not aggravate respiratory illnesses, contribute to greenhouse gases, or emit dangerous fumes
Energy Efficient and Green!

Our commitment to providing green painting products and green concrete products goes with our philosophy of providing Atlanta customers with the most energy-efficient products possible. Here are some other ways GreenWave Solutions is dedicated to saving our Atlanta customers money on energy-efficient and green products.

GreenWave Solutions uses self-contained water filtration systems, thus eliminating the practice of putting waste water down drains or in yards.

GreenWave Solutions recycles empty paint cans, uses plastic drop cloths and used construction paper.

GreenWave Solutions offers green roofing that qualifies for federal and state tax credits and rebates including Cool Roofs and Other Solar Roofing Solutions.

GreenWave Solutions offers LED lighting solutions which lower lighting costs, reduce CO2 emissions and are mercury free.

GreenWave Solutions specializes in installing energy-efficient French doors whose low e glass seals better than wood doors and never have to be repainted.

GreenWave Solutions carries solar window screens that lower energy bills and allow for more privacy.

GreenWave Solutions carries energy-efficient windows that are low-e, meaning they are cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

GreenWave Solutions builds custom screened enclosures for patios and decks that keep the heat and insects out while letting the fresh air in.

GreenWave Solutions provides LEED consulting services for lowering a building’s overall energy consumption and saving money.

GreenWave Solutions has always been innovators in our field, introducing a several “firsts” to all our Atlanta remodeling projects. If you want an Atlanta interior or exterior painter that is committed to protecting your health, an Atlanta concrete restorer that cares its products are solvent free and odorless, or a leader in energy-efficient products, call GreenWave Solutions first!