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Product Review: ProMar 200 0-VOC Interior Paint

The ProMar line is one of Sherwin Williams flagship contractor brands.  Centered on overall value, the Promar line offers great application and performance characteristics at very competitive prices.  Sherwin Williams has numerous products within the ProMar brand; 200, 400, 700, alkyds, acrylics, lacquer undercoater, and even the new waterborne alkyds.

This review is about ProMar 200 0-VOC interior latex.  ProMar 200 is the highest quality coating in the ProMar line (400 and 700 are lower quality.  It’s like golf, the lower numbers are better when dealing with ProMar).

ProMar 200 has been in Sherwin Williams’ arsenal for a long time – at least 15 years.  This paint has been the contractor’s choice when he needs a good “all around good product.”  The iconic 200 line got an upgrade a few years ago.  Sherwin Williams put ProMar 200 on steroids and released ProMar 200 0-VOC.

200 0-VOC offers these enhancements:

  • 0-VOC resin formulation
  • Improved hide
  • Better leveling
  • Compatibility with 0-VOC colorants
  • Improved durability

 Inside the can:

Upon opening a can of 200 0-VOC, the first thing that you will notice is the smell; or lack of it.  This is what ‘0-VOC’ means in English.

The paint’s body is normal; not unusually thick or thin.


ProMar 200 0-VOC applies easily.  It releases from the brush or roller well without much drag.  What I like most about it is that it comes in an ultra deep base and has incredible hide.  Hide refers to how well it covers existing colors.  Coverage refers to how much surface area it covers per gallon.

200 levels nicely and dries to a smooth, durable finish.


Pricing can be misleading in our reviews.  Because GreenWave Solutions is the best painter Atlanta has, we get outstanding pricing from Sherwin Williams.  Our pricing, along with ProMar 200 0-VOC outstanding performance makes it one of our favorite products when clients want a great job at a lower price.

The Verdict:

ProMar 200 0-VOC is all around awesome.  When you want value, check out this interior paint.


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