Atlanta carpentry and wood working

Carpentry and Wood Working

GreenWave Solutions has always been best known in the Atlanta area for its quality painting and wall covering services however, we also have highly skilled carpentry craftsmen that are trained with quality and safety in mind. Whether your project involves adding crown molding to a room, repairing wood-rot, or replacing trim, GreenWave Solutions will work with you to meet your exact specifications and deliver timely results that stay on budget, all without cutting corners.

Atlanta carpentry and wood working

Interior Carpentry and Wood Working Services

In many renovations, as well as new construction projects, designing the look of a room may involve more than painting walls. Adding or repairing cornices, custom base boards, wainscoting, or other decorative items can enhance the overall look of any room.

Exterior Carpentry and Wood Working Services

As a painting company we’ve seen our share of exterior wood-rot which is why we encourage our clientele to replace such needed sections before painting ever takes place to ensure a quality paint job that our client will be satisfied with. This not only allows for a more affordable approach but also helps completion of your project in a timely manner.

Atlanta Carpentry and Wood Working